Halloween Gangster's

by TuXe & Blitz

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Collab Between Blitz & TuXe


Blitz: It’s bout to be that time but not unlike
The time of year the darkness comes - Run! Hide!
But every corner is filled with dread - sometimes
You just have to hope and pray that it subsides

Run blind like a lab rat that’s had
Too much fun, but soon you’ll be ransacked
Everything you got’s been stuff that we can’t have
But now we gonna give chase like a mad cat

Backlash - guess i’m tired that you hate me
The life I wanted could have been so amazing
But every day you have shunned and abused me
Bruised me - i’m through - we gon’ see who’s the new king

It’s midnight and we run wild
All I wanna see is blood as we compile
Everyone - yeah you’re all in danger
But what’d you expect from the Halloween Gangsters?


Surround yourself with all your protection
It won’t help when i’ve got “intervention"
My M-310 craves your affection
Attention: remember the name I have mentioned

The tension is affectin your focus
A section of my mind finds you hopeless
I know this is the last of your days
I won’t miss - enjoy havin a grave

Laughin for days - might be a bit manic
And the panic I cause makes you think that i planned it
It’s different- in fact - not a xanatos gambit
I’m simply runnin with it while you don’t understand it

My tactics leave better men tactless
and if you think that’s bad - that’s a fraction
of what happens - when i’m filled with anger
TuXe and Blitz - the true Halloween Gangsters


So if you’re out there tonight - remember
I’m hidden in the shadows now till November
The grim reaper’s got nothin on me
As I jump through the trees, you should run, you should flee

So if you’re out there tonight - remember
Even creatures of the dark will surrender
Better get it right - i’m not just a prankster
A nightmare that’s come to life in these gangsters


released November 1, 2014
Credits goes to Blitz Sub to him DO IT!
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCVIESixlZdzQi1H39GvwGdA
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/officialblitz



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TuXe Austria

Ivan G. Kobler, 20 year old Music Producer from Austria

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